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SAFCON offers a broad line of security label that indicate if tampering has occurred. Tamper indicating labels or seals offer a deterrent or an indication that an item has been tempered or opened, but cannot prevent theft or tampering. The tamper indicating label seals can be used to seal lids on equipment/ product, lids on cartons, doors in sensitive areas, or be applied to documents to assure validity of document. Security Label seals with serial numbers and 'void' features can be used to ascertain warranty period and authenticity features ideal as Asset Management label to protect properties and assets and genuine product identification.

Each solution has been designed to offer maximum protection against counterfeiting, warranty fraud, product product tempering and theft, with the minimum of cost both in the manufacturing process and at the point of use or verification. Each solution can be utilised either on its own or in conjunction with additional security techniques to produce a highly robust multi-layered security solution.

The different ways of Safcon Security Solutions indicate tampering:
  • Evidence left on surface if seal is removed.
  • Footprint left on surface and 'VOID' word appear in seals cannot be reused.
  • Inability to remove and reuse.
  • Seal is destroyed upon removal.
  • Serial numbered seal, tied to a database, verifying correct seal identification.
  • Authentication that the seal is genuine, providing added protection that the original seal has not been removed and replaced.

Types of securlab tamper evident security label seals:

Type "V"

Before Removal On Removal

Type "F"

Before Removal On Removal

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